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Sameer Thakar Presents Four Tips for Fall Fitness

Sameer Thakar


Snow, ice sleet, frigid temperatures: these are all weather occurrences that are commonplace during the winter months. The last thing many of us want to do is go out and exercise when inclement weather is present. Luckily, we are still a few months away from the winter months, which means now is the perfect time to get your workouts in and get back into shape. Why wait until January to start trying to get into shape when the weather is at its worst? Sameer Thakar presents several tips for fall fitness to keep in mind:

Use the Weather to Your Advantage: If the idea of a jog during particularly hot or cold weather motivates you to stay on the couch, consider fall to be the great compromise. Walking, hiking, and jogging are all great activities to do in the fall when the weather is more temperate.

Combine TV and Exercise: Fall is the time of premieres for your favorite returning shows as well as new shows that sound interesting. Instead of sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, make better use of your time by doing wall-sits, pushups, calisthenics, and other exercises in your living room as you watch. Sameer Thakar is extremely busy, so he often multi-tasks with exercise to maintain his fitness.

Stay Away from the Candy; Say Yes to Squash: From apples to butternut squash and, of course, pumpkins, there are many amazing fall foods out there. There are also some very dangerous sweets that can curb your effort to get back into shape. Take advantage of the fall harvest and choose the right foods to maximize your fitness gains.

Make Exercise a Family Affair: There’s strength in numbers right. Get friends and family to join you in your quest for better health. You can help each other stay motivated, and exercise is always more fun when there is a social component to it.

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